Directory-local.com is a Mutual Business Community whose objectives are designed to help our members transact business through networking – networked advertising – and promotional presentation in the form of a Directory and community.

Born by the founders of The-Search-Site.com [nee 1999] we aim to work with anyone, from anywhere about any subject matter – to provide a high class representation of your web site/business/service [ to be useful for the Users of your offer]. The project is managed by a small and dedicated team of interested developers and business analysts and invested into the process of establishing a very sucessful Business and Trading Community and commerce based ecosystem – providing a wide platform of business tools for our members to exploit in plying their trade.

From display advertising/store fronts to comprehensive listing features.

Striving for a globally based membership network the idea is a simple one:

  • Invite freelance to large scale enterprise business and trade Users to create an account profile which will become your microsite on Directory-local.com
  • Get approval into the index by a expanding group of business skilled Moderators based across the world
  • Encourage these listers to upload and build out a significant presentation of their business offers
  • Aggregate a wide ranging group of Members across industry commercial discipline and location
  • Make it easy for these Members to promote themsleves
  • Present a clean and simple Index of suppliers to ensure that Buyers wherever they are can seek out the goods and services they are looking for – with accuracy and focus search terms.

Signing Up!


We ask when completing your listing – make it really simple for us to just approve your site for publishing – a listing with the Directory-Local.com is a microsite within a business community ecosystem and we are continually adding business generating features to improve your presentation:

  • add solid basic information which will help our visitors grasp what your web services are about
  • complete the key details correctly –
  • you might copy the content on your web site home page for your description
  • no backlink blogs – we are not a blogs directory
  • add detailed expanatory content [up to 2500 characters is ideal]


Pricing and Packages For Every Requirement!


We have created a series of listings packages which are deisgned to account for every business tastes. From a free listing to get you acquainted to the power of the Directory-Local.com business community – as well as mass listing packages for the professional media buyers and web marketing specialists.


Listing Categories – Focussed Searching – Championing the SMEs Powerhouse!


To improve search accuracy and ensure that our visitors get straight to the services they are looking for, we are continuously improving and adding features which makes that search more feasable – we provide categories and keywords for your use, which assesses how your business is structured – the potential audience you are targeting and driving a focus from them to you – thus ….

The keywords system is specifically designed for our internal search engine [and not necessarily the big search engines who are increasingly designing competition stifling edicts and algorythms – under the guise of "quality control" which by remarkable coincidence – drive traffic to large companies and the highest paying advertisers – at the expense of the SME community which power the global economy]. Therefore……

  • We will add more relevant Categories, if needs be – it’s fun, efficient & developmentally – intuitive.
  • select a minimum of one category
  • Add some relevant keywords
  • Add some relevant keyphrases
  • Listings with inaccurate categories will not be approved


Be comprehensive – We get several 100’s of submission on a daily basis, and so completing the submission process in a way which enables a quick approval helps in speeding up the time it takes to get your listing live.





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