Per Listing Packages

Our per listing packages let you pay for each listing separately.



We hope there is something for everyone and per our Mutual Community objectives we are here to help our members - and therefore keen to work with anyone, from anywhere about any subject matter - to provide a high class representation of your web site/business/service [ to be useful for the Users of your offer] - makes our trade community even more effective!

When completing your listing - make it really simple for us to just approve your site for publishing - a listing with the is a microsite within a business community ecosystem and we are continually adding business generating features to improve your presentation:

  • add solid basic information which will help our visitors grasp what your web services are about
  • complete the key details correctly -
  • you might copy the content on your web site home page for your description
  • no backlink blogs - we are not a blogs directory
  • add detailed explanatory content [up to 2500 characters is ideal]



Pricing and Packages For Every Requirement!


We have created a series of listings packages which are designed to account for every business tastes. From a free listing to get you acquainted to the power of the business community - as well as mass listing packages for the professional media buyers and web marketing specialists.

We present:

  • FREE single listing
  • 5 Web Site freelancers package
  • 20 web site small business package
  • 100 web site web marketer special
  • 500 web site SEO Manager package
  • 5000 web sites managed in an SEO Pro Package
  • Contact us for a bespoke enterprise level SEO Pro Packages [sky's the limit]


NOTE: All listing packages are subject to changes from time to time without prior notice


Expansion Offer!

From 2016 - we carry a variety of listing types to suit all budgets - Terms Apply.


We are offering the first 1,000,000 new listings a free listing for the first year


A Great Headline! Clean SEO. Simple Searching!


Directory Local aims to offer up a more focused service search - different from the "white noise" or high costs of advertising on the duopoly search engines - in the "Title" part of your listing - create a to-the-point short headline - something like:

  • Plumbing and bathroom supplies in Swindon - Wiltshire
  • Accura New and Used Car Dealer - Colorado Springs -
  • Environmental Consultants Specialising In Diesel Waste - Spain
  • The idea is to be descriptive and focussed on your deiverable get the picture!



Your Address - Location - Contact


Should you have premises or offices and you elect :

  • Add the address of your organisation [this is not the geographical area you are targeting for plying your trade - for our GeoSearchengine]
  • Tell us about how to contact you
  • Add your opening times [where applicable]
  • Insert your map location - since this builds out our Members' Map [assists in building a local picture and galvanizes your marketing - makes you simpler to find]




Listing Categories - Focused Searching



We want to focus Viewers towards your goods and services to improve how quickly the relevant end consumer can find your offer.

To improve search accuracy - we provide categories and keywords to enhance this process....

  • We will add more relevant Categories, if needs be - it's fun, efficient & developmentally - intuitive.
  • select a minimum of one category
  • Add some relevant keywords
  • Listings with inaccurate categories will not be approved




Social Media Links - Reputation Management

 Add your social media pages to give your viewers a broader understanding about your business' connections:

  • Add Social Media pages such as Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus/Instagram [if you have them] - it helps you to be found and builds a better picture about your listing
  • Add the URL for each of these [used in our Social Media search]
  • You may also add your profile on as part of your social media network - eg:




Images Gallery, Slide Shows & Video - Great Presentation


  • add an image - or several relevant to your subject matter [logo/your premises/products/staff etc]
  • Ideal Featured image[s] size: 980px x 380px or thereabouts -
  • Ideal Size orientation is an oblong
  • add up to x10 separate images of again 980px x 380px for a cool auto playing slide show - which might use to storyboard your offer.
  • Insert your Youtube video [if you have one]




Is your listing covered in Multiple branches?


Have you got multiple branches or located in several places? Don't worry....:

  • Feel free to add one or all your separate locations
  • Make sure you change the 'Listing Title' to reflect the location of your branch[es]...for example
    • eg: Sears, New York - Sears Chicago - Sears Los Angeles or
    • BMW Cars Sales, Orpington - BMW Car Sales, West London - BMW Car Sales, City Of London
    • you get the idea!
  • Listings with exactly the same listing title will be treated like all duplicates and removed




We approve listings which are well completed!


Unlike search engines we do not have coded search algos and so every site has to be manually approved by humans. This can be time consuming - therefore....

  • Submissions which are poorly completed will be deleted
  • Submissions which are thoroughly completed - will be approved with priority
  • We take great care in selecting services which we can be proud to call colleagues and part of our catalogue

Be comprehensive - We get several 100's of submission on a daily basis, and so completing the submission process in a way which enables a quick approval helps in speeding up the time it takes to get your listing live.




Well - what are your waiting for?


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Membership Packages

Our membership packages let you submit multiple listings.

    FREE Listing
    Freefor a 364 day membership.

    upload and manage a single listing for 12 months

    24 Months Listing
    $4.99for a 728 day membership.

    upload and manage a single listing for 24 months

    36 Month Listing
    $9.99for a 1092 day membership.

    upload and manage a single listing for 36 months

    $29.99for a 364 day membership.

    upload and manage a premium listing for 12 months

    SEO Multiples - 500
    $99.99for a 364 day membership.

    upload and manage multiples websites

 All listings are removed once the listing or membership has expired unless renewed beforehand.