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How To Remove A Web Site Link……

We are happy to remove un-wanted web sites from our index – just because the owner wants it removed….so please note:

Just ask to have your website removed because you want that to happen – the reason for such a removal is irrelevant and yours by right – simple, right?

You know when a spoilt child is fibbing about why they have the chocolate around their mouth – whilst telling you earnestly that they never touched the sweet treat? Well this has become one of those moments which simply makes no sense – whatsoever…..until you examine its pernicious underbelly.

Yes we do get requests to remove some older links and are happy to promptly deal with these – however we detected an emergent and largely suspect pattern to the requests……:

thus kindly consider this…..


The dedicated team at work tirelessly day and night building a ‘human edited’ resource for our Listers and Viewers alike and determine to build an first class Local Index of Goods and Services – wherever you are in the world and across commercial activity [or not for profit].

We are simply one high quality, hand picked alternative Web Directory for finding local services and aim to have a high quality selection of business goods and services for our Visitors and Users


We do get offended by folks suggesting that we have the same credence as Spammers and rather than the highest quality Web Directory….edited and built by real humans beings.



Experience has taught us that there is a burgeoning and entirely self serving industry of self appointed & always Google ‘centric’ “reputation managers” claiming to understand the in’s and out’s of every Google search method updates – even before Google understands themselves [by our humble reading].

Such is the extent of their inside track to the Google method – they offer web site owners – “detoxes” negatively identifying a variety of indices similar to ours – using cod scary sounding acronyms – ill conceived analyses – vague language and risible analytics to ‘support’ their wild claims of expertise on Google search algos and competitive practices and nearly always quoting the mystery of “un natural Links” & Google’s “no-follow” rules…….and evidently authored by Google themselves!

Many of these Reputation Experts – then recommend site owners – removal from many web directories – like ours.

Now this practice has been on going for some years now – and you would think such glaring inaccuracies would have been corrected by the Cash Giant!

But no such luck and of course emboldened by effectively terrorising un knowing business owners into capitulation – our RM’s have coined in revenue based on these invented interpretations.


  • Call us biased and somewhat defensive but – in our 15 years of dealing with Google & it’s strategic practices – we have never come across a SINGLE shred of evidence of that search engine writing “personally” to anyone issuing reports of “Un-Natural Links” & similarly objective commentary….SEO Engineers qualification – which helps evangelise – yes – but a report with specifics – NO!
    • Such reports are always generated by profiteering – 3rd Party Analytics based of distinctly un-natural interpretations of Google’s gargantuan and entirely confusing rules of operation – which are vague and subject to biblically contrary interpretations!
    • “Do No Evil” – that you would notice – anyhow!


Google’s rules are well renowned as an exercise in writing a “Bible” – looking both ways at once – saying two opposing things at the same time – and can be interpreted in the eye of the beholder.

Coincidence? Possibly.

Mis-guided SEO’s and Web Site authors then have then lazily [perhaps wilfully] regurgitated this contradictory edifice into a narrative which – either inadvertently or perhaps deliberately does any alternative to the Googlesphere – as negative, by default – not least with a view to making themselves ‘useful’ to the site owners – in order to spring some more coinage from the said, hapless site owner.

An oft promoted [by Google] trip to the Google Forum – to the inexperienced – usually results in a flurry of broadsides from an aggressively rapacious cabal of surprisingly Google ‘loyal’ Forum participants whose principal mission seems to eschew you from proffering any other than favourable narrative….to Google.

This they persue with some zeal. Don’t take our word – try posting some vaguely Google contradictory commentary on a popular web forum – see the response and take careful note at the evangelical tone used by your counterpointers…and the complete unprovability of their assertions.

Co-incidence – maybe?

This remarkably chastening “bullying” generally re-inforces the “if you can’t beat ’em” capitulation into accepting what is being propagated….many “NOOBs” are then drilled by said bullies – on a melange of damning evidence – all pointing to their rank being killed off – by highly specious, ill logical and most crushingly, issues would could never be proved true or false, in a month of Sundays!

By which time the SEO/Designer is effectively “water boarded” exhausted, confused and ready to make up any old tripe they have been brow-beaten into quiescent stupor.

If you have the misfortune to have your site hacked by some remarkably freely operating purveyors of Viagra – count how long it takes for the infected pages to be removed from your Google Indexation stats – 6 months perhaps?

And yet – a website ‘mis -using’ the now infamous “no follow” rule could in fact evidently have it’s Paige Rank diminished in a highly punitive way permanently – similar to your experience?

Seemingly, Google indexation rules – damn genuine sites – but has great difiiculty in dealing with known Viagra spam!

– No it doesn’t make sense to us either!


Most high quality SEO’s and search engine experts have noticed that – in the last few Google [so-called] Algo updates – small operators in key commercial fields have seen the legendary Paige Rank – crushed.

Simultaneously, the Google rules guidance delivered a flourish of apparently User relevance features – supposedly designed to strip out “spamming” and keyword packing tricks used by inept web design.

By happy coincidence – these anti spam features seem to have effectively damned every other source of content bar and by seemingly extra-ordinary coincidence – big Google Ads advertisers [and very large web resources like Wickipedia].

SEO’s were even lead to believe that even the “name” of your url was not relevant any more – well how convenient?

Call it happen-chance, but in many commercial areas – for the last three major updates – Google’s highest returns go to the highest bidder and results are principally “relevant” to the amount the results spend in Google’s ad revenue.
Some statistical whizz-kids could easily generate some statictical chart to confirm this.

We should not be surprised when helping build a near as dammit “monopoly” with an 85% market dominance – in any given sphere – why this happy benefit – would not be exploited…..of course challenging the efficacy of such supremacy is a daunting experience. Study any respected economist about how “monoplies” behave and all the classic symptoms are evident.

Trouble is in a global marketplace – its “Buyer Beware” and and “Social Darwinism”.

Google effectively writes the rules on web search and the temptation based on the shareholders demands – the cash mountain must necessarily compel its strategic managers to “confuse” the issue long enough for the cash registers to keep ringing….and who gives a monkeys about small operators any longer. Use them as search fodder and be nice to the bill payers.

May we respectfully suggest that: this is the most likely cause of your site’s lowered Paige Rank.


If you are a relatively small concern –

  • operate in an highly commercial area of trade/products/commerce/location
  • have little or no spend on Google Ads in your geographic area –
  • seen a rapid deterioration in your Rank – with every Alogo Update.
  • Seen bigger rivals above you in ranks
  • have judiciously bought a keyword URL & wonder why this does not work as expected

Do research the correlation between how much these higher results are likely to spend with Google and you will discover some remarkable coincidences:

  • Then check the phrases: “Un Natural Links” – “no-follow“and similar & how these might be used to blame every other cause of your site’s diminishing Paige Rank – than how much the higher ranked web sites spend in Google Ads/Keywords etc…

Don’t get us wrong – Google is an excellent resource in many ways – however – If you want pure relevance – un-adulterated by the influences of Advertiser spending use:



  • So to save your own embarassment – and use your brain – do not falsely claim that your site has had lower Paige Rank or been penalised by Google because of your association with us – unless you have actual evidence – preferably from Google – rather than a 3rd party “Reputation Manager” or “Analytics Software” with scarcely credible credentials and yet dodgier analysis suggesting that Google would engage in the dark arts practices including alleged restraints of trade – implied by such analyses.



Thats said and as part of our open membership and white hat practices – we are more than happy to deal with and remove listings which are no longer required – for any reason! Really! You don’t need to make stuff up! Ask us and “poooof” – it’s gone.



Un-wanted site listings obviously make us sad 🙁

– however…..


Thus – all you need request from us is something like: – ‘ would you kindly remove our site from your index since it is no longer required…..’ – very simply!! Providing you are making this request authoritatively – WITH THE OWNERS PERMISSION – your listing will be removed in good time.

So speed up the process by demonstrating you have the site owners authority to have the site removed.



  • ensure that you have provable evidence that you carry authority to authorise such a removal – such as proof of website ownership or a link to your WHOIS data – or a confirmation that you have the authority to have the link in question removed
  • send your request from the URL you are looking to have removed
  • search out and attach a link to the offending listing on the Directory Local index


It is our aim to weed out bad “Reputation Managers” and their false counsel. Their worship of Google, blindly causes distress to many services – which they use as canon fodder to sell guesswork as analysis……..

We will challenge your assertions about having evidence from anyone that has caused your web site to fall out of favour with Google [& it is only Google which is quoted in this context!].

Your best bet is to simply request the site’ removal from our index, just because….you want it removed.


Please note – in the interests of transparency and best practice – we will pass your removal request on verbatim to Google Webmasters Tools as feedback – including your full contact details and any claims you have made speaking on their behalf.


To request your link removed – email us now: