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Stockport Tree Surgeon help with all types of tree work, including felling and pruning. Our clients vary between homes and businesses, including our work being carried out for landlords, homeowners, the local government and the grounds of offices. We provide free no obligation quotes with the aim to win your business, so our prices are always competitive.
Our tree surgeons cover all of Stockport and Cheshire, including Bramhall, Marple, Cheadle and Romiley. If you are not sure if we cover your area but are potentially interested in us completing some tree surgery for you, please get in touch now and speak to one our of experts to discuss your requirements.

Services Provided By Your Local Tree Surgeon Stockport Company
The services we provide allow Stockport Tree Surgeon to be your complete solution for tree work being carried out; here are our services, but if something isn’t listed, please feel free to just get in touch and ask!

Tree Felling – the felling – or cutting – of a tree is exactly what it says on the tin. As trees are like our babies, it can be an easy or a difficult decision for you to get this done, but our experts will help to make it a smooth and easy process for you.
Tree Pruning – this has two main benefits; number one, pruning can help a tree to look more aesthetically pleasing, and number two is that it can help to maintain and even improve the health of tree, leading to being in an environment that is safer for everybody.
Tree Planting – if you are looking to create some new trees as opposed to reducing the size of the previous one(s), this is the perfect way to do so!
Tree Dismantling – dismantling of a tree is usually the approach that we would take when there is less space to play with around the tree and felling may not be the best option. On the other hand, the tree could be dead, or just potentially hazardous.
Crown Thinning – ​multiple benefits of thinning the crown; by removing some of the smaller or tertiary branches, more light can travel through the tree, there will be less wind resistance and also, a reduction in weight. 
Crown Reduction – ​reducing the crown will allow more light to pass over the top of it – leading to less shading! – as well as just reducing the overall stress that the tree may have had.




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Stockport and Cheshire, including Bramhall, Marple, Cheadle and Romiley.

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Stockport and Cheshire, including Bramhall, Marple, Cheadle and Romiley.

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